Saturday, July 15, 2017

No Hablo Espanol!!

Did you know that we all use to speak the same language. No, seriously, we all spoke the same tongue several thousand years ago. So here is what happened. Noah and his family have come off the ark, Noah becomes a vineyard keeper and his sons begin having kids and their kids have kids and so on. We are not told how long after the flood that this story takes place, but we do know the descendants of Noah did what God instructed by increasing and multiplying. So, a big family reunion of Noah's bloodline settle in a city in the East and everything is fine and dandy. In their heads, they must think they are doing something pretty good. So good in fact that they come up with this notion to build a great city. A city with a grand tower in the center that is tall enough to reach the heavens. Now, don't get the wrong idea here. This tower was not intended to bring them closer to God, but rather separate them from the rest of humanity. Now remember, there was no communication barrier between them. So, they start to build this tower and pretty soon, it catches the attention of God. He realizes that together, there is nothing these people cannot do. So in order to stop them, he gives them a new language so that no two people can understand each other. Because this is a time before Rosetta Stone, building comes to a halt as the people are forced to disperse across the face if the earth. Oddly enough, the name of the structure becomes known as the Tower of Babel,(whenever someone is babbling, it is usually hard to understand what they are saying). Now let's think about the meat of this story. Get passed the prideful section of the people and look at the unity that the had. God knew that when they came together as one, they were unstoppable. Imagine if as Christians, we all came together as one unstoppable body to fight back against the oppression of darkness. There would be nothing that we could not do. And thanks to the Holy Spirit, we have no excuse of language barrier to hold us back. Through God, we can hear and understand what our neighbor is trying to say and we can then all work together to make it happen. I want to live my life in a group of people that is unstoppable against the things of this world that aren't right. Who's with me.

Adam Semple-A Young Man on a Mission From God