Saturday, March 25, 2017

I've Got Nothing

"I have this great thought, but I have been staring at this blank screen for hours, and nothing is coming to mind."

Writer's block happens to the best of us at some point. You are in the middle of this big project, or you are trying to start one. You're computer is on and ready, Microsoft Word is open with a new document. The title is typed out, then, nothing. No thoughts, no ideas. Your mind goes completely blank. Writing a blog every week, I deal with this a lot. I know I need to write something, but, in the words of George McFly, "Nothing's coming to my mind". What's worse is when I have a topic, but no meat to fill my sandwich. I feel like this happens to a lot of Christians sometimes. God gives us something fantastic, and then, nothing. God drops a promise in your spirit, but waits to give you details. And if you are like most people, this can get pretty frustrating. Whenever writer's block hits, here is what usually occurs. At some point, I will get frustrated. Staring at a blank screen for hours at a time it seems can be that sometimes. But, after a little frustration, I close my computer, put it down and do something else. Then, when inspiration hits, I go back to my laptop as quickly as I can and finish what I started. God never gets writer's block. He knows how are story will unravel long before he gives us the plot, and he knows that sometimes, we will get frustrated. But there are times when we need to put down whatever is blocked in our lives, focus on something else, and then, when our mind is clear, we can go back to our original thought.
"He who has begun a good work in you will carry it onto completion until the day of Jesus Christ"- Philippians 1:6

The story of our lives will be full of empty details that have yet to be filled in. Just lay it aside for a while, concentrating on something else. In due time, the writer's block will be gone, and you can finish the story God has laid out before you.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lame man walkin'

"Silver or gold, I do not have. But what I do have I give to you, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk"- Acts 3:6

If you have spent any time in church, you have heard this story several times. If not, here is the context. The disciples have just spent 40 days following the resurrection of Jesus praying and fasting in the upper room. The Holy Spirit comes upon the believers gathered and 3000+ people are added to the church. Peter and John go up to the temple to pray and they pass a lame man who is begging at the gate for help and or money. Peter says to the man, "Look at us". The man gives his full attention, hoping they were giving him something. "Silver and gold, I do not have. But what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." Peter then takes the man by the hand, pulls him up, and the man is able to walk and leap and run. He began running through the temple square praising God for the miracle that just took place. Te bible says that the people around him recognized him as the lame beggar, and they were filled with wonder and amazement.

We, to, have this gift. The power to come up to someone in need of healing and, in the name of Jesus, they can be healed. But we have to believe that it will happen, or it is just empty words. Peter spoke these words with confidence because he knew when he stepped out and grabbed hold of the man's hand, God would swoop in and amazing things would happen. But let us back up a little bit. This Peter was the same guy who denied even knowing Jesus just a few months prior, but then he had a radical transformation that completely shifted how he saw the world. He knew that he had become empowered by God's Holy Spirit, and when he walked in faith, God would show up. We need to get back to that place of complete surrender of ourselves in order to let God move where he desires to reveal his glory. The Holy Spirit is an Amazing guide and counselor who is waiting for us to call on him when someone around us needs him. Call on the Spirit of God, and things will begin to change and shift in our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

But I'm (not) TIRED!!!!!!

We have all come in contact with a toddler who is in need of a nap. If you haven't, here is how it usually plays out.  First, you get to the groggy stage. The kid starts dragging behind or dozing in the stroller. If someone tries to tell them to go to sleep, the toddler will get defensive and start throwing a tantrum. This is most commonly followed by the kid saying, "But I'm not TIRED!!!" Everyone around them knows full well that they are exhausted, but something inside the child's mind convinces them otherwise and they somehow think if they fall asleep, they will miss something important. Only when they realize that they need sleep, do they finally give in and hit the hay. So where am I going with this? What does a screaming, sleepy toddler have to do with anything? Imagine if this toddler was your unsaved coworker at your workplace. Life could be going great for them. As they go along, they start to get tired on their own strength. They begin dragging through life, knowing they need something, but not sure what it is. Suddenly, you come along and tell them exactly what they need. Unfortunately, they have this idea in their head that they are just fine the way they are and nothing you say will change that. But, you don't get discouraged. You know that they might make it for awhile without Christ, but eventually, they will fall. So, you keep telling them about Him, and you keep encouraging them to come to the Father. Through your persistence, they come to Christ, and fall into a peaceful rest that they needed all along. God has put us in the places we are as spiritual mothers and fathers to the sleepy toddlers of our society. It is our job to show them a life that reflects what they are searching for, and if we stay the course, God will soften their hearts and they will rest in him. Once the toddler gives in, they will sleep and wake up with new energy and new excitement.

Get out there and be a spiritual parent to the tired toddlers of the world.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God