Friday, April 28, 2017

Morning Cup of Joe

Have you ever started your morning with just an okay cup of coffee? You know exactly what I am talking about. Maybe some coffee grinds fell through the filter or the coffee was not quite strong enough or maybe a little too strong. Whatever the case, it sets off your whole morning. You have not gotten the same satisfaction from your morning joe as you usually do, and it tends to throw off your daily routine. The same thing happens when we don't start our mornings off with a little God time. When we begin our day in God's word and in prayer, are bodies are more at peace, our minds are less stressed and we have more strength to get through the day. But, when we don't start out this way, we are tired, no matter how much sleep we got the night before. We might be a little irritable and our fuse tends to be a little shorter with the people we come in contact with. God knows what are bodies and minds need to be able to push through each day. He has created our bodies with the need to refresh and recharge in the things of him. When we read our bible, or a daily devotion. We are filling our spirits with inspired words straight from the heart of God that are used to uplift us and give us a renewal of our mind. Then, when we add prayer to our morning, God is willing and able to speak directly to our hearts the things he wants us to hear. Maybe you have tried to start each day with bible time, but you don't know where to begin or how long you need to do it. Here is a good start. Begin by picking a book from the bible and reading a chapter a day, the book of John and Proverbs are good places to start, but start wherever you feel comfortable. Every morning, as you read the chapter take notes of verses that popped out for you. Get a journal and write down the verses that really hit you or something important that struck you as you read. Once you are done doing that, take it to prayer. Begin by thanking God for a new day, no matter the challenges ahead, then bring your request and desires before him. He will give you new revelations of the verses that impacted you the most and even ones you might of just skimmed over. Like I said before, He knows what your soul needs to hear and he will illuminate those things as you take it to prayer. As you start out, I am not telling you to spend 30 minutes in bible reading, then another 30 mins in prayer. Start small. 5 to 10 minutes at first and as it gets more comfortable and you have gotten used to it, extend your time with Him. Too much time with the Lord is not a bad thing. In fact, the more time you can spend each day with the Father, the more at rest your soul will be.

Adam Semple- A Young Man on A Mission From God

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I need you, Right Now!!!!

I learned a few things while working at a grocery store. Cheese will fly of the shelf no matter the sale. Eggs and milk always need to be in stock, People never seem to pay attention unless they have need of you. You could say hello to them 40 times and they completely ignore you, but as soon as they see there are no gallons of chocolate milk on the shelf, suddenly they follow you until you fix their dilemma. Sometimes, we tend to do this to God. He might be calling out to us, trying desperately to get our attention, yet we only will pray if something is going wrong and we need him to fix it. If everything is going well, we tend to not even notice God. We go on with our life as if nothing is wrong and sometimes forget the things he has done. Eventually, you come to an empty shelf without the butter that is on sale, and you begin to panic. God, heal me of this cold. God I need help. God where are you? Here's the thing. God is right behind you, trying to get your attention. All you need to do is get out of your own little world and see that he is ready to help you with anything you might need. God desires to give us good things, and he wants to hear from us like a father asking his kids about their day. When there is bad news, he will be there to comfort and help get you through. And when you come to him with good news, he gets excited with you. So when you pray. tell God the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank him for all his blessings, pray for the hurting, and always rest assured that he will always be right with you wherever you are.

Adam Semple- A Young Man on A Mission From God

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Come At Me, Satan

"Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.” But he answered, “It is written,“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”Then the devil took him to the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, “‘He will command his angels concerning you,’ and “‘On their hands they will bear you up,lest you strike your foot against a stone.’”Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.”Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him."- Matthew 4:1-11
I love this passage of scripture. Here, we see a side of Jesus that shows us he is indeed fully human on top of being fully God. It says that Jesus was in the desert for 40 days, fasting and praying, and at the end of the time period, he was hungry. It was here that Satan decides to make his move. It is important to note that Satan did not strike when  Jesus first entered the desert, but as he was preparing to come out of it. As long as we are in the desert, Satan has no problem with us staying there. It is only when we are getting ready to get back into God's paradise that he gets scared. So, Satan comes up to Jesus and tries to tempt his human side. "You're hungry, make food and quench your hunger. There is nothing wrong with a little bread right? Of course not. God wouldn't mind if you use your spiritual gifts to satisfy yourself. You haven't eaten for 40 days and you deserve this." Luckily for us, Jesus was prepared for this despite his grumbling stomach. "It is written,'Man shall not live by bread alone'" Twice more, Satan tries to tempt him, and again Jesus refutes him with scripture. Finally, Jesus sends him away and Jesus left to begin his ministry. I find it cool that the chapter immediately following this story is the Sermon on the mount, one of the most popular passages to preach in church. Satan knew something was about to begin as soon as Jesus was born, and he knew he would be defeated if he did nothing to stop Jesus from starting his ministry. Fortunately for us, Jesus has already defeated Satan and nothing he can do will stop us, but we have to do our part. Jesus was able to stand against the devil's attacks because he not only read the scriptures, he knew personally the one who inspired men to write it. He had the word hidden in his heart ready to pull it out when the moment arose. Each of us have our own "sermon on the mount" inside of us that is waiting for the right time to come out. Before that happens, Satan is going to throw everything in his arsenal to try and take you down. Stand firm and trust in the Lord with everything. Rely on his truth and he will help you refute Satan's lies.
Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

I've Got Nothing

"I have this great thought, but I have been staring at this blank screen for hours, and nothing is coming to mind."

Writer's block happens to the best of us at some point. You are in the middle of this big project, or you are trying to start one. You're computer is on and ready, Microsoft Word is open with a new document. The title is typed out, then, nothing. No thoughts, no ideas. Your mind goes completely blank. Writing a blog every week, I deal with this a lot. I know I need to write something, but, in the words of George McFly, "Nothing's coming to my mind". What's worse is when I have a topic, but no meat to fill my sandwich. I feel like this happens to a lot of Christians sometimes. God gives us something fantastic, and then, nothing. God drops a promise in your spirit, but waits to give you details. And if you are like most people, this can get pretty frustrating. Whenever writer's block hits, here is what usually occurs. At some point, I will get frustrated. Staring at a blank screen for hours at a time it seems can be that sometimes. But, after a little frustration, I close my computer, put it down and do something else. Then, when inspiration hits, I go back to my laptop as quickly as I can and finish what I started. God never gets writer's block. He knows how are story will unravel long before he gives us the plot, and he knows that sometimes, we will get frustrated. But there are times when we need to put down whatever is blocked in our lives, focus on something else, and then, when our mind is clear, we can go back to our original thought.
"He who has begun a good work in you will carry it onto completion until the day of Jesus Christ"- Philippians 1:6

The story of our lives will be full of empty details that have yet to be filled in. Just lay it aside for a while, concentrating on something else. In due time, the writer's block will be gone, and you can finish the story God has laid out before you.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lame man walkin'

"Silver or gold, I do not have. But what I do have I give to you, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk"- Acts 3:6

If you have spent any time in church, you have heard this story several times. If not, here is the context. The disciples have just spent 40 days following the resurrection of Jesus praying and fasting in the upper room. The Holy Spirit comes upon the believers gathered and 3000+ people are added to the church. Peter and John go up to the temple to pray and they pass a lame man who is begging at the gate for help and or money. Peter says to the man, "Look at us". The man gives his full attention, hoping they were giving him something. "Silver and gold, I do not have. But what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." Peter then takes the man by the hand, pulls him up, and the man is able to walk and leap and run. He began running through the temple square praising God for the miracle that just took place. Te bible says that the people around him recognized him as the lame beggar, and they were filled with wonder and amazement.

We, to, have this gift. The power to come up to someone in need of healing and, in the name of Jesus, they can be healed. But we have to believe that it will happen, or it is just empty words. Peter spoke these words with confidence because he knew when he stepped out and grabbed hold of the man's hand, God would swoop in and amazing things would happen. But let us back up a little bit. This Peter was the same guy who denied even knowing Jesus just a few months prior, but then he had a radical transformation that completely shifted how he saw the world. He knew that he had become empowered by God's Holy Spirit, and when he walked in faith, God would show up. We need to get back to that place of complete surrender of ourselves in order to let God move where he desires to reveal his glory. The Holy Spirit is an Amazing guide and counselor who is waiting for us to call on him when someone around us needs him. Call on the Spirit of God, and things will begin to change and shift in our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

But I'm (not) TIRED!!!!!!

We have all come in contact with a toddler who is in need of a nap. If you haven't, here is how it usually plays out.  First, you get to the groggy stage. The kid starts dragging behind or dozing in the stroller. If someone tries to tell them to go to sleep, the toddler will get defensive and start throwing a tantrum. This is most commonly followed by the kid saying, "But I'm not TIRED!!!" Everyone around them knows full well that they are exhausted, but something inside the child's mind convinces them otherwise and they somehow think if they fall asleep, they will miss something important. Only when they realize that they need sleep, do they finally give in and hit the hay. So where am I going with this? What does a screaming, sleepy toddler have to do with anything? Imagine if this toddler was your unsaved coworker at your workplace. Life could be going great for them. As they go along, they start to get tired on their own strength. They begin dragging through life, knowing they need something, but not sure what it is. Suddenly, you come along and tell them exactly what they need. Unfortunately, they have this idea in their head that they are just fine the way they are and nothing you say will change that. But, you don't get discouraged. You know that they might make it for awhile without Christ, but eventually, they will fall. So, you keep telling them about Him, and you keep encouraging them to come to the Father. Through your persistence, they come to Christ, and fall into a peaceful rest that they needed all along. God has put us in the places we are as spiritual mothers and fathers to the sleepy toddlers of our society. It is our job to show them a life that reflects what they are searching for, and if we stay the course, God will soften their hearts and they will rest in him. Once the toddler gives in, they will sleep and wake up with new energy and new excitement.

Get out there and be a spiritual parent to the tired toddlers of the world.

Adam Semple- A Young Man On A Mission From God


Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Power of One

Patience. Insane amounts of time. Serious amounts of stress. I am talking, of course, about dominoes. No, not the pizza place. I'm referring to the classic game of dominoes, the one where you stack them in a line, knock over the first one and watch as they all cascade on top of each other. There are hundreds of videos online of people who have set up thousands upon thousands of dominoes that form an enormous picture. Here's the thing. I don't have the time or the patience or the warehouses full of dominoes to do something like this, but my life is like one big domino effect. Domino number one is birth, then we progress to dominoes of school, college, job, and so forth. Now, imagine being a domino stuck in the middle. You can't see the beginning or the end, all you see is that the domino ahead of you was just standing, now he is currently crashing into you, and suddenly, you are doing the same to the domino behind you. The places we go, the skills we acquire, they are all dominoes to the big picture. With any good piece of art, it takes great time and tremendous patience. If the 3rd domino tries to crash into the 1500th domino, the picture will be completely changed. Instead the 3rd hits the 4th, then the 5th, and so on and so on. God has looked down from above and seen where to lay all the dominoes in our picture to create a masterpiece. Now, imagine being the domino again. If you were to be removed from the line, the domino would end before you and nothing will keep the momentum going. One little domino is all it takes to knock over big steps. It is the little guys that keep the line moving until the last domino is knocked over and you see the finished work.

So, keep in line, brace for impact and fall into the masterpiece God has set before you.

Adam Semple- A little domino stuck in the middle of God's bigger destiny.

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