Saturday, June 3, 2017

10,000 Volts of Electricity

Have you ever broken a bone that required you to get an x-ray? Or maybe, your doctor requested you get one to examine a part of your body causing you pain. An x-ray is a radiation procedure that doctors use to look at the inside of someone's body without making a single incision. Isn't it cool that God is able to see the inside us, as if looking through an x-ray. By his infinite power, he can see our internal structure that makes us, us. He is able to find the things inside of us that do not belong. Whenever a doctor orders an x-ray to be done, he suspects there is something in the body that should not be. He then is able to find the abnormality and begin the process of doing what need to be done in order to remove it. God looks inside of us and sees things that shouldn't be, and if we are willing, He will show us the steps needed to remove it. Before proceeding with any kind of x-ray, you will usually need to drink or ingest in someway this liquid that makes your bones more visible to the machine. The nerd in me thinks this is really cool. Like, Bruce Banner. Radiation running through your body, making your innards glow in the dark. But really, that is how we should be anyway. Not raging mad like the hulk, but glowing from the inside out. God's radioactive life flowing through us so much that we become a light in a dark place. If glowing in the dark is a result of God's removing things from me that shouldn't be there, then light me up and do what needs to be done. I don't want anything in my body that has no place there. Who's with me?

Adam Semple- A young light in an old dark world on a mission from God 

ps. an x-ray is not 10,000 volts, I just needed a good title.

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